Written by: Elizabeth Vierkant

Social distancing brought many of us back to the sims. But is anyone else tired of making your Sims do the same boring activities again and again and again and again?

We all are.

No Sims 4 game is complete without quality mods. Here is a list of the best mods you can add into your game to maybe make it feel just a little bit new.

  1. MC Command Center: This is an absolute must have. If you don’t have it, download it right now. The most famous of all Sims 4 mods, you get to choose what to enable from an endless amount of options. This mod gives users ultimate control over the game. They can do whatever they want.
  2. Slice of Life: This mod isn’t for everyone, but it’s incredibly complex and worth a try. Slice of Life was created to make Sims 4 more realistic. It lets your sims get drunk. It adds new emotions. Sims will now even have memories!
  3. Zombie Apocalypse: How much do you love The Walking Dead? So much that you want your sims to live through it? Same. Again, this mod is super complex and incredibly fun.
  4. Talented Kids Mods: Sick of your kid sims not being able to do anything or learn anything? We all are. With this mod, kid sims will be able to do stuff that real human children can like learning how to play the guitar or paint. Why wasn’t this just in the original base game?
  5. SimDa Dating App: Pick your sim’s date! Send them on a blind date! This mod just makes dating in the sims so, so much easier.
  6. Prom Mod: This mod is exactly how it sounds. It adds Prom as an event that your sims can go to. Once again, it helps make your Sims 4 game more realistic.
  7. Go to School: This mod needs the Get to Work expansion pack, but it helps make school much more interactive. With this addon, you get to follow your sims to school and complete tasks with them!
  8. Funeral Event Mod: In the Sims 4, death can seem a little inconclusive. With the Funeral Event Mod, death becomes much more realistic.
  9. True Happiness: Normally, when there is nothing affecting a sim’s emotions, they simply feel “fine.” True happiness will make emotions last longer, so your sim will be simply “fine” less often.
  10. Life’s Drama: This mod is perfect for making social interactions within the game much more complex. This includes a new popularity system meant to parallel popular teen drama movies such as Mean Girls or The Heathers.

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