Contributed by Hanna Downer-Carlson, InterVarsity organizer

After two long years of planning, preparing and meeting with InterVarsity regional directors, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship has been approved to be an official student organization on the University of Wisconsin–Stout campus.

Our goal in InterVarsity is to share, provide fellowship and understand more deeply God’s word. We want students to see our group as a safe place to share what’s on their hearts and learn more about the plan God has for us.

My goal after transferring from University of Wisconsin–River Falls to UW–Stout was to bring InterVarsity Christian Fellowship to this campus because of the great impact I saw it have on other campuses.

Many may not know that back in the 1970’s InterVarsity was very large on the UW–Stout campus and some say the largest InterVarsity in the upper Midwest.

Any student can join InterVarsity. It’s a great place to meet new friends and form new communities right here on UW–Stout’s campus. We will be meeting regularly on Thursday nights from 6 to 7 p.m. in the Memorial Student Center. There will be Bible study, prayer and fellowship.

Originally, InterVarsity started out as just an email from me to the regional director to see if it would be possible to bring InterVarsity to UW–Stout. Slowly, it grew. Throughout the rest of this semester and into the summer, a few of our members will be heading to a weeklong camp to be trained on how to lead in-depth Bible studies. This will help us in starting InterVarsity on campus for the next fall semester.

I believe InterVarsity will impact UW–Stout in a variety of ways, such as how we interact with other students in a loving manner and invite any and all students into our group. We hope to help our campus form meaningful communities where they will strengthen and support each other throughout their college careers.

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