By Megan Hazuga —


This past Tuesday was quite super. Unofficially coined Super Tuesday, March 1 was the day that 12 states (and one territory) voted to decide on who will ultimately be the final two presidential candidates. The final vote is in November, but these early elections called primaries narrow the candidates down in each party. This year’s Super Tuesday seems like it will have a large effect on the outcomes of this election.


The results of Super Tuesday were more or less surprising. Though there are many statistics stating that most millennial’s–and there are quite a few of us–support Senator Bernie Sanders, he brought in 342 delegates compared to Hillary Clinton’s 508 just on this major election Tuesday. This ultimately means he’s falling behind in the polls, even though he has a rising popularity with the younger generations. It doesn’t mean he’s out completely, so if you’re a supporter, don’t lose hope. But surely it was disappointing for those that did make the effort to vote, whereas the rest of his supporters apparently had better things to do, especially in Massachusetts where Sanders was really pushing to win but lost by less than a couple percent.


On the other side of the fence, candidate Donald Trump ended up with 329 delegates and Senator Ted Cruz with 231. Trump’s win comes as no surprise- his massive popularity in this election is no secret. With his face being plastered all over every single media outlet possible, it’s no wonder he’s reaching voters.


While the results make it difficult for an underdog to make a comeback, Super Tuesday isn’t the end-all be-all of this year’s election.


The next few months of voting and primaries are extremely important. Regardless of who you support, it will be beneficial in the long run of our nation if everyone gets off of their couches and votes. You can even register right here at school when it comes to that time.


Wisconsin primaries are Tuesday April 5, so start doing your research to find your favorite candidates (if you haven’t already) and get ready for your voice to be heard.


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