Diversity Week has just passed here on campus, and taking a look back on it, there are certainly a handful of significant things worth reflecting on. The events took place from Monday, February 22nd to Tuesday, February 26th. The week featured many different events that created a valuable and memorable experience for staff and students alike here on campus. However, what exactly does Diversity Week entail?

The name speaks for itself, as Diversity Week was a series of events that were organized by segregated and marginalized groups of people within the community. These events were held in person and online with the goal of educating our campus on how to live in a diverse world, as well as to give those without a strong voice a platform.

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The director of EDI, Domonique Sturrup, goes into detail about the significance of Diversity Week.

“At a PWI (predominantly white institution), diversity is not seen in large quantities, and for many in attendance, this is the first time they have been around persons outside of their race, religious background, or sexual orientation,” Sturrup said. “Attending these sessions allows individuals to gain understanding of what EDI (equity, diversity, and inclusion) is and how to treat others as equals, be inclusive to everyone, and understand diversity.”

Sturrup also mentioned the importance of student involvement in these events. She explained how since most students here at Stout are white, cis-gendered, able-bodied people, their participation in Diversity Week will allow them to gain insight into what minorities experience on a daily basis. Sturrup emphasized how the week was geared towards educating those with minimal knowledge towards minorities in order to change their perspective and views on the world.

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There were a variety of different events, such as “Come meet the hosts of “JUSTMove: An Afternoon of Music and Storytelling about Race and Culture”, and “Closet Combat: Screening with Gus Hinton”, in which Sturrup brings up a highlight of these events in which the hosts gave a screening of their coming out story.

Out of all of the events throughout this week, Sturrup says how her favorite was “Latinx Craft night with Latinos Unidos”. This event brought up another great highlight that reflects just how insightful Diversity Week was. Sturrup brought up how no matter our differences, art will always be something we all have in common.
“No matter your race, culture, or financial background we can all appreciate art, and I think the turn out of this event shows how open many are to just creating no matter of culture or religious affiliation,” Sturrup said.

Many agree that Diversity Week is a great way not only to get involved on campus, but to help create an inclusive environment here at UW Stout.