local talentBy Sam Kilgard —

It’s everyone’s dream to transform their passion into their occupation. Former University of Wisconsin–Stout student Andy Denk has done just that.


Denk is a 26 year old DJ from Two Rivers, Wisconsin, who has been living in Menomonie for the past two years. Denk has been making electronic music for three years now and first started playing music in the 5th grade.


Denk’s passion for DJing started after his friends requested custom beats to freestyle to.


“After making a few samples for my friends I figured why not continue? I love music and I also enjoy creating it.” said Denk.


Denk then bought his own equipment and gave himself the stage name Red Comet. For three years he has been creating his own music and had his first show Feb. 28 earlier this year with EDM artist Tim Gunter at the Skyway Theatre in Minneapolis.


“It was amazing, but crazy. I had to redo my entire set an hour before I was supposed to perform. My original playlist did not match the vibe of the show at all, luckily the new playlist was a huge hit and everyone loved it.” said Denk.


Since his first performance, Red Comet has played in six other venues including his most recent performance in LaCrosse which was headlined by upcoming EDM artist Artifakts, including special guests Guggenz, and Krooked Drivers.


Garret Meyer aka Artifakts is a DJ/producer who went to Roncalli High School in Manitowoc, Wisconsin with Denk.


“I’ve been friends with Andy on social networks since high school so I hit him up and asked if he’d like to kick off the night,” commented Artifakts on how Red Comet became involved in the show.


Artifakts has played at many venues from the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago Which holds up to 3000+ people to sold out shows at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia which has held concerts for Prince, Adele and Guns N’ Roses. He was also touring with Griz, a major EDM artist, earlier this year.


Artifakts first heard Red Comet’s music a year ago and loved what he heard. “His music selection is definitely energetic and he blends others’ music very well.”


Red Comet is hoping to play in the Summer Set Music Festival sometime in the future, until then you can catch Red Comet at various house parties raving and keeping the night alive.
Check out Red Comet on SoundCloud and listen to his new single Flight of the Comet.

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