Matt Snell-

Alec Boes (Jr, Mercer, Wis.) is a member of the UWStout cross country and track and field teams, as well as a cadet in the Army ROTC. Although he is officially listed as a junior, he is in his final year of NCAA eligibility.

Before coming to Stout, Alec enjoyed all different kinds of motorsports, particularly racing snowmobiles. Alec raced snowmobiles from the time he was 3 to 19 years old. His love for motorsports also impacts his choice of role models: if there is one person that Alec could meet, it would be Travis Pastrana.

“I’ve grown up as a big action sports fan, and [Pastrana] really did a lot for popularizing that side of the sports world.”

There are also many activities that Alec likes to participate in with his spare time. One of these activities is biking.

“I enjoy doing a lot of biking, both mountain and road biking. Also, when we’re not in season I combine that with my running to do triathlons.”

Aside from snowmobiling and biking, Alec has also obtained his skydiving A-license and his scuba diving certification.

When first coming to Stout, Alec wanted to be an engineer. However, he is now a student in the health, wellness, and fitness program. Even with this change, Alec still didn’t want to leave this school behind.


“I originally came here for the engineering program, but even after I decided to change my major I couldn’t bring myself to leave my cross country team and this school.”

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