By Barbara Young —

Looking to spice up your life with some design? Check out Pepper Magazine!

Pepper magazine is an on-campus graphic design magazine. Each semester the club produces an issue based around a theme of the member’s choosing. The entire process, from conception to publication is done via UW–Stout students.

The magazine began as an “outlet for creatives,” said Kimberly Yang, President of Pepper magazine. The original creators of Pepper, Jesse Lindhorst and Jonathon Sollie created the magazine in order to create a collaborative work.

“We wanted to learn more about the printing process and to open it up to friends and colleagues and create something that could be our legacy after we left Stout,” said Sollie.

The magazine was meant to draw the many design focused majors together and to give those outside of the design world a glimpse into what the design fields can create.

The magazine is a collaboration between students wanting to create visual or written content and students who want to layout the piece. It takes a lot of work over a semester to compile content and print the magazines.

Each semester, the magazine begins with the decision of a theme by members of the club. Once a theme is selected, for example this semester’s theme is ‘Layers’, members of the org work independently or collaboratively to create visual and written content that shows their interpretation of the theme. The result is then compiled and published.

Pepper works closely with a practicum class from the Cross Media Graphics major to print the actual magazines. Each semester the magazine looks a little different, as the club gets to choose its own paper, size and binding style. It’s all part of the creative process.

The club is open to all who are interested in the printing industry. The group aims to tie majors together and create a well designed graphic magazine.

“Pepper is a kind of personal project you can pursue on your own,” said Yang. “It really encourages you to take another step into what interests you.”

All who are interested in joining can attend Tuesday night meetings in room 124 of Applied Arts at 6 p.m.

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