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He is a man in a box. In this box he is alive and he is dead. It’s simple quantum physics. At least that is what Associate Professor of English, Kevin Drzakowski, is trying to propose in his upcoming play To Be and Not To Be.

An original play written by Drzakowski himself, To Be and Not To Be is the result of his sabbatical experience.

During his sabbatical, Drzakowski spent months researching quantum physics and entanglement. After completing the final draft, Drzakowski was eager to bring infinity to the Harvey Hall Theater.

“It takes a lighthearted look at science and also grand themes like the meaning of life, but it does it in kind of a silly way,” said Drzakowski. “It’s probably one of the more serious things that I’ve written, which is funny because it’s not that serious at all.”
Regarded as a “serious comedy,” or “silly drama,” the moral lessons and meanings intended for his audience strike curiosity.


Drzakowksi plays Jack Johns, a security guard who finds interest in quantum mechanics.


However, the thought of public dissemination brought on some butterflies. As the director and male lead, Drzakowski will not only have his written abilities reviewed, but also his personal presence. However, that didn’t stop Drzakowski from bringing his work to the stage.

To Be and Not To Be is a play written to question the meaning of life. Is there free will, or is there fate? This is the question that Drzakowski had asked himself. Are there really infinite worlds with infinite possibilities?

“I think there’s just one [reality],” noted Drzakowski. “At first I would have found that pretty scary, because I would have liked to have known that there are all of these realities out there where I do these great things.

“[But] I guess I convinced myself that we don’t necessarily have a purpose, and that’s okay because we get to give ourselves our own purpose.”

It is amazing what can be gained through the wisdom of our own neighbors. So is he really alive and dead or is it one or the other?


The performances will be September 16 and 17 at 7:30 p.m. in the Harvey Hall Theater. Tickets are $7 and can be purchased at the doors.

Drzakowski and student Shannon Hoyt, the male and female leads of “To Be and Not To Be.”

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