Cam “I Demand Attention” Parrucci –

Layers of ice and snow have begun to coat nearly every street in the upper-Midwest, making visibility low, traction lower, and reducing speeds. Although this seems to happen annually in this part of the country, the people within the state seem unable to ever fully adapt to the tough winter driving conditions.

Wisconites find themselves in ditches, stuck in their driveways, spinning out or in accidents due to lack of control and adjustments that should be made when driving in the winter.

Many Wisconsinites find themselves wondering how they haven’t learned and prepared for winter driving. After living in the state for years, many would assume that the idea of winter driving is much like riding a bike, drivers should just know how to do it. As time has moved on, history shows this isn’t the case.

Many believe it to be a psychological phenomenon that affects drivers all over the state. “It’s crazy how drivers change in the winter,” a college student from Menomonie says, “people just, like, lose it.”

“When I drive on the highway, I see maybe 3, 4 cars in the ditch every day,” says a small business owner from Madison, “it’s just hard to drive straight, you know?”

Scientists are baffled at this event that seems to happen every year in the upper Midwest and have yet to come up with a conclusive explanation. The only thing they advise concurrently is to be safe, drive a little slower, and look out for those Wisconsin plates.