By Garrett Aleckson —

The University of Wisconsin–Stout football season is underway. Despite having played only three games so far, the offense is already in midseason form—having scored 105 points.

Stout’s identity so far has been a passing team. The leader of the passing attack is quarterback Hank Kujak (Sr, Blair, Wis.). Kujak has thrown for an impressive 971 yards so far. What makes it more impressive is the fact that he is returning from an injury that sidelined him for nearly all of last season.

Despite missing almost all of last season, Kujak said the time off helped him improve as a player,“The best thing about having that year off was sitting back and seeing everything from a sideline view, and putting myself in situations without having to actually go through it. This year, I can definitely tell that everything is a lot slower. In prior years, it felt like things were going at 100 miles per hour. Now, it feels like I’m in cruise control.”

Hank’s brother, tight end and teammate, Reggie Kujak (Sr, Blair, Wis.), said that he saw Hank embrace a leadership role; even while injured, “I really saw him take on a leadership role for our team. He was also able to help our young players that had to step up because of his injury.”

Kujak’s 971 passing yards are also more than half of the total passing yards that Stout gained during all of last season. Hank attributes the success to his offensive linemen and wide receivers,

“The big thing has been our offensive line. They have only given up a couple of sacks so far. The receivers have also made plays. They’ve made plays on some of my poorly thrown passes that have definitely helped make me look good.”

One of the things that makes Hank so special for the team is his leadership. Defensive back, Collin Laursen (Sr, Mondovi, Wis.), says that Hank goes out of his way to get to know everyone,“He gets to know a lot of the guys on a personal level. He also makes a point of getting involved in different position groups too.”

Laursen had nothing but great things to say about his quarterback, “Hank is a goofball, and he has a contagious personality. A lot of people like that, and it helps him be a leader.”

Hank would like to give a special shout-out to his roommate from the past two years, Jake Braunshausen, who gave him the catchy, and goofy nickname: “Handsome Hank.”

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