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Imagine pushing yourself through that last hard mile of a run. You’re tired and out of breath, but then, all-of-a-sudden you get a burst of energy that makes you feel unstoppable. This is what most runners refer to as the “runner’s high.”

A runner’s high isn’t why most people join the University of Wisconsin–Stout Running and Jogging Club, but it’s an incredible feeling nonetheless. “I wouldn’t say that I get it often. Every runner is different. But when I get that sensation, I feel unstoppable,” said club president and senior Shannon Hoyt, “In addition to feeling great, running can relieve stress. I think that the ‘runner’s high’ is the result of a healthy mind and body. When you feel great and motivated, you are rewarded with an inspiring run.”

The club has been running all year long and there is no stopping them. “I think people misunderstand that running club is a casual thing that is just helping to promote health and wellness,” said junior member Eric Krause, “People hear that we’ll run five miles on some days and get intimidated by the distance, but we just want to help you do your workout.”

The Running Club doesn’t just go for runs. When the weather gets warmer, the club often does game days in which the club will go outside and play a game of ultimate frisbee or soccer. On club members’ birthdays, they do a cake run in which the club runs to the store and buys dessert and brings it back to enjoy.

The games and the cake are just bonuses of being in the org; at its core, the club is all about staying healthy.

“We run as a group, but encourage those who wish to up their speed to find a running partner. Our club is all about the experience of running with others as support and motivation,” said Hoyt. It is also a great place to meet and make not only running buddies but good friends as well.

If you are interested in joining the Running Club, runners meet Mon.-Thurs. at 6 p.m., on the second floor of the Sports and Fitness Center. According to Hoyt and Krause, everyone is welcome to come, even if you haven’t run a mile in your life. And you never know, maybe you will feel that runner’s high.

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