By Matt Haile —

Alex (Sr, Lino Lakes, Minn.) and Laurisa Titterud (Jr, Lino Lakes, Minn.) are two sisters competing on the University of Wisconsin–Stout women’s track and field team. Alex competes in sprints, and Laurisa is a mid-distance specialist.

Alex broke records in the open 200 meter, indoor 4×2, indoor 4×4 and outdoor 4×4 her freshman year at Stout. All of those records have recently been broken except for her indoor 4×2 record. Alex—a Construction major—was also a state qualifier in high school.

Alex spent all of last year injured and is now excited to come back and help out the team and compete alongside her sister.

Laurisa holds the 400-meter indoor record and was a part of the 4×400 meter relay team indoor and outdoor records. Laurisa majors in Professional Communication and Emerging Media, and was named the 2014 track MVP.

The Stout women’s track and field team is of course not the first time the sisters have competed together. The girls share a strong bond that has been in place throughout their childhood.

“I’ve always enjoyed having my big sister with me. We’re always on the same wavelength and don’t always need to communicate how we’re feeling; we just know, and she is someone that I trust,” said Laurisa.

“We have always been on the same team, since second grade basketball up until now competing in track collegiately,” said Laurisa. “Obviously we had a year break from when I was senior in high school and she was a freshman at Stout. But we have always been on the same relay teams with track.”

Alex and Laurisa always were paired up on 4×4 relay teams throughout their high school career.

“We even shared a couple of handoffs! I think my senior year was the most memorable. Our relay team was very close, with three seniors and Laurisa the junior, so we knew this was our last potential race together. It was an emotional day with a lot of tears of joy and sadness,” said Alex. Little did the sisters know that they would be competing together collegiately.

The plan was not necessarily to play together in college. Both knew they would participate in track and field collegiately, just not together.

“We always come in a pair. I am so thankful to have her on my team,” said Alex. “We understand what each other is going through with the stress of track and school.  She has been there through my ups and downs and will always be there to pick me up”.

Laurisa admits that Alex being at Stout was a factor in her decision to come here.

“Growing up I always swore I wouldn’t follow in her footsteps, but when it came time to choose between schools, I wanted to be close to my sister. Track is always something that we’ve shared, and it didn’t feel right being on a separate team,” said Laurisa. “There were also other factors such as the coaching staff and the program I am in now.”

Alex has always been someone to look up to for Laurisa both on and off the track.

“She is one of the most dedicated people I know. When she puts her mind to something, I can guarantee she will complete it,” said Laurisa. “She also has a great work ethic. She gets up early to lift every day and then after class and work will be seen practicing with the team as well.”

Track is a huge part of both the sisters’ lives and they are happy that they can share it together.

“It is so nice to have that one person you know you can always go to,” said Alex. “I know it is cheesy, but Laurisa really is my best friend.”

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