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On Monday, Jan. 26, the Blue Devils hockey team met the Blue Golds in a defensive showdown that only saw three goals scored the entire night. University of WisconsinStout came out of this matchup against University of WisconsinEau Claire victorious, the final score 2-1.


“Our defensive play was arguably the best we have played defensively this season. We limited their time and space and didn’t allow many odd man rushes, and that always leads to success,” said forward Riley Colvard (Sr, Centerville, Minn.).


Head Coach Terry Watkins also thought both teams played a very evenly matched game defensively. The Blue Devil’s defensive play was not the only impressive aspect of their game, as the Blue Devils were only sent to the penalty box once as opposed to the three times Eau Claire landed in the penalty box that night.


“Staying out of the penalty box helps any team. For us it really helps us so that we can utilize all of our players throughout the game, which allows us to stay fresh and gives us the best chance to win hockey games,” Colvard said.

2016 UW-Stout Men's Hockey vs. Eau Claire
UW–Stout’s Justin Moody (Sr, Grand Forks, N.D.) faces off against a member of the UW–Eau Claire Blugolds.

Coach Watkins also added that everybody on the team was responsible and played a good 60 minutes to give Stout the victory. Riley Colvard in particular played a very satisfactory game overall, scoring a goal and getting an assist on the night.


“Yeah, it felt good. Obviously it was a good solid team win, and any time you can get on the score sheet it’s an added bonus to a solid victory,” Colvard said.


At the end of the day, a win is a win, but whenever Stout beats Eau Claire it always seems like the victory is a little bit bigger. This win was a big one for Stout considering Eau Claire was ranked sixth nationally at the time of the matchup.


“It’s always a good feeling beating Eau Claire; they are probably our biggest rival, so anytime we can beat them it’s a good feeling,” Colvard said.

Stout’s next hockey game will be against University of WisconsinStevens Point right here in Menomonie on Friday, Feb. 10.

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