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2016 UW-Stout Men's and Women's Cross Country / UW-Stout Sports Information photos
Trevor Blum (Jr, Monroe, Wis.)

Many students would probably agree that college can be incredibly challenging at times and requires a large amount of attention and time.  However, there are still some students who choose to also participate in outside activities such as athletics or clubs.

Any NCAA athlete can speak to how difficult it is to function with a schedule that spreads a person paper thin.  For example, a distance athlete’s morning could start with a 6 a.m. run.  Following a morning run, the student-athlete still would need breakfast and to attend 8 a.m. class.  Class will usually continue through until 2:30 p.m.  From that point in time until 7:30 would be practice.  The rest of the night would need to consist of dinner and homework.  As anyone can see, this does not leave a lot of time for other activities.

It’s an incredibly tough schedule to follow, and most people would think, “How is there possibly time for anything else, and who would want to add on even more?”  For some of our Stout athletes, the opportunity to serve their country is more than enough to lengthen an already drawn-out daily schedule and even take much of their time over the summer.  One of these student athletes is Trevor Blum.  
Trevor, a Junior from Monroe, WI, is a member of the cross country and track and field teams, as well as a Marine Officer Candidate.

Blum coming into the finish of the 8K at the UW–River Falls Falcon Invitational, Sept. 9.

When he first came to Stout, Trevor knew that he was going to be continuing his cross country and track careers, but he wasn’t initially enlisted.  Although being a student athlete already made for a tough schedule, he still wanted to do more.

When asked about how and why he made that decision, Trevor said, “I have always wanted to serve, and the Marine Corps is the best there is. I saw becoming an officer in the Marines as a big challenge and something that I am going to love doing everyday for a job.”
For Trevor and many of the other student athletes in the military, serving their country and creating new challenges and opportunities for themselves is more than enough to overcome an incredibly tough schedule.


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