Ryan Cook

Following a daring heist of the University of WisconsinStout Financial Aid Office, university police have issued a statement saying that all of the Burger King coupons have indeed been stolen. Rumors had been circulating around campus for days following initial reports of a break-in, and it seems as though our worst fears have been realized.

While Burger King has yet to respond, many are wondering whether or not they’ll reimburse the University or not. “These coupons were crucial for students in difficult financial situations,” says John Rogers, an employee at the Financial Aid Office. “I’m not exaggerating when I say that several hundred students will be negatively affected by this.” Experts estimate that the coupons were worth up to $500, and so losing all of them at once deals a huge blow following the already heavy budget cuts.

Police have reported that there were three individuals fleeing the scene, but as of now have no leads as to who they might be. It’s assumed that the suspects are UWStout students living off-campus near Wilson Park, as it’s common knowledge that no one would choose to eat at Burger King unless there was nothing better nearby.