Ryan Cook-

Despite having numerous friends and extracurricular activities, peers and classmates of junior Daniel Richards say that they know little to nothing about his hobbies due to a startling lack of stickers on his laptop. Aside from acquaintances and strangers, even longtime friends say that Richards’ interests are still unknown to them after knowing him for years.


“I’ve been friends with Dan since our freshman year, but I honestly can’t say I know what he likes to do,” says a friend of Richards, who prefered to remain anonymous. “He goes to clubs a couple times a week, but nothing’s on his laptop. Not a single sticker.”
While it’s unlikely that Richards does not actually enjoy anything, the evidence is currently pointing in that direction. Many classmates have started constructing theories as to why there is nothing decorating the laptop in question. Some believe he is just too lazy to buy any stickers, while others have faith that perhaps he’s just waiting to buy a laptop case before adhering anything to his computer.

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