Ryan Cook-

With the annual spring vacation now over, it is clear to everyone who remained around town that the Menomonie residents seem to enjoy this time of year more than University of WisconsinStout students ever have.


“You’d think that with summer vacation giving us three months away from college students, spring break would be like nothing,” said Menomonie resident and father of three, Duane Milson. “But it’s just a magical time of year. It’s hard to explain, but trust me when I say there’s nothing quite like it.”


Milson is one among many who have been vocal supporters of UWStout extending the duration of the spring break vacation period by an entire week. Others in favor of this change say that it gives students more time to unwind and prepare for what’s ahead, as well as give everyone still in town the ability to go on walks in Wilson Park without having to explain to their children what frisbee golf is.


“Winter break is nice, but I know quite a few families celebrate holidays around that time too. So it’s really leaving [Menomonie] in a ghost-town state where no one’s there at all,” said Menomonie resident Carol McMartin. “It’s a relief that we don’t get raided by gangs or bandits anymore. A few centuries ago, winter was a terrible time. But spring was fine.” Historically speaking, this is true.
Spring break is a great time to catch up on shows you’ve missed and friends you haven’t seen in ages, as well as finally being able to feel like you and your family live in a normal town populated by people who actually have a stake in the area.

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