Cam “I’m the Kind of Tired Sleep Won’t Fix” Parrucci

In today’s world where young adults find extreme difficulties feeling comfortable around countless judgmental eyes, many take solace in the small victories of the day to day basis of being a college student.

These small victories could be a number of things, ranging from getting up early enough to actually eat breakfast to getting a solid 5 hours of sleep. Even more, however, find comfort in their ability to mask their true laziness in repeating outfits thanks to the staggered class schedules at most colleges.

Typical UW-Stout courses tend to meet on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, or Tuesdays and Thursdays. This typical college schedule has given the majority of the UW-Stout student body the ability to remain as grungy as possible, repeating outfits from the day prior has no negative connotations when classmates are seen every day.

Whether it’s repeating a sweatshirt, flannel, or even socks, students campus-wide are able to skip laundry day that little bit more, which for many has made all the difference.

Brady Smith, senior at UW-Stout, has been doing this stunt since he started his education here. “Yeah, it’s kind of genius, right? I mean, I could keep the same underwear on for two days in a row if I wanted. It’s not like my Wednesday people are going to know I repeated Tuesday’s briefs. By the way, this is anonymous, right?”

Smith’s case has been seen again and again around campus, and many ask how long can it be dragged out? Would classmates on Wednesday remember Monday’s outfit? Questions like these may never have a clear answer, but what is clear is that it’s been done, and much like your fellow classmates, we’re none the wiser.

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