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Amidst beer-case cardboard covering walls, mismatched chairs, and 3 DVDs on the wall shelf next to the TV, the décor of this UW-Stout college home living room might seem like your stereotypical men’s living room. For the longest time, this was the case.

Taylor Manford, senior at UW-Stout, has gone the extra mile in making his home away from home feel more like it. “One night, I forget exactly when it was, but I was walking home from the Market, right? And I saw this traffic cone just sitting there. I thought to myself, dude, I can like, take this bro. So I brought it home and left it in our living room.”

This traffic cone has remained in Manford’s home has proven to be quite a hit with both guests and his roommates, often getting questions like “Why do you have a traffic cone?” and “Dude, sick cone.”

Stories like these often go unnoticed in the world of interior design, but Manford is okay with that. “I don’t want tons of people to know I have this thing, you know? I’d probably get in trouble if people found out I stole it or something. It’s just so sick dude, I have a traffic cone in my house (laughs).”

The best part about having the cone, according to Manford? “It can get pretty crazy at our casa. One time, my friend Paul wore it on his head. Absolute madman.”

Not many people can match the creative genius in design when it comes to college living rooms, and many don’t tend to care, but for others, creating a comfortable and fun living space during the best years of their lives has a lot of impact, and this is one of those times for Manford and his roommates.

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